Self-Care Retreat

Retreat a tool used on the path of self-discovery, which often takes place in a secluded and nurturing environment with a slew of new best friends.

Self-Care giving attention and energy to onesself, for the purpose of improving body, mind, and spirit.

Self-Care Retreat You choose the place (preferably away from home) and the time (three days, two nights), and I provide videos for self care and self-exploration, without any trust exercises or forced sharing. It’s just yourself, your favorite stuffed animal, and the computer downloads.

Tell me more, please!

In a self care retreat, you get to decide what date works for you. Because the retreat material is all digital. Once you make the purchase, it’s yours forever – or at least until they change how these media are viewed. (Some things we just can’t control.)

So, search the calendar. Choose three days. Choose a place – preferably away from your home and the feelings of “must” that reside there. Then click the retreat that sounds perfect for refreshing your body, mind, and soul.

Each retreat package (and yes, currently there’s only one) will come with video, audio, and transcripted versions of the material – as well as a workbook. There will be preparing for the retreat; check in and prep your space; the day of the retreat itself; the check out and release your space; and bonus suggestions if you wish to make the retreat last longer.

But always remember – self- care is about you. What feels right for you. HOw you do things. YOu make these choices all the way. And hopefully, your choices will lead you to feeling every awesome thing you hope to feel.

What do I want to feel? And how does it feel to feel that?

What do I want to feel? The first self-care retreat is going to focus on the basic question – what do I want to feel?

If you’re like me, when you’re alone, you have this feeling of eptiness, of hollowness, of “well, what about me?”

Maybe your life has changed recently. Maybe your identity has changed. Maybe your job has changed. Or maybe you have been searching for your spark for years, and still finding nothing to connect with.

The purpose of the self-care retreat is to reconnect with that feeling of awesomeness, because we are all awesome, special, magic, empowered, worthy. But it’s so easy to get buried under the daily influx of information and outside approval.

However, we get to choose what we feel. But first we have to know what we really want.

So with videos, exercises, and worksheet, the self-care retreat on feelings will take you on a gentle journey into your heart-self. To find the answer to these two important questions:

What do I want to feel?

What does it feel like – physically, emotionally, to feel that way.

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