What do I want to Feel?

What do I want to feel? The first self-care retreat is going to focus on the basic question – what do I want to feel?

If you’re like me, when you’re alone, you have this feeling of eptiness, of hollowness, of “well, what about me?”

Maybe your life has changed recently. Maybe your identity has changed. Maybe your job has changed. Or maybe you have been searching for your spark for years, and still finding nothing to connect with.

The purpose of the self-care retreat is to reconnect with that feeling of awesomeness, because we are all awesome, special, magic, empowered, worthy. But it’s so easy to get buried under the daily influx of information and outside approval.

However, we get to choose what we feel. But first we have to know what we really want.

So with videos, exercises, and worksheet, the self-care retreat on feelings will take you on a gentle journey into your heart-self. To find the answer to these two important questions:

What do I want to feel?

What does it feel like – physically, emotionally, to feel that way.

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