Happy Imbolc~

Technically, Imbolc is the middle of the winter season, which starts on December 21st, and ends on March 21st. Traditionally, Imbolc heralds the first signs of life. Lambs are being born and mothers’ milk begins to flow. Actually, here on the east side of Washington state, we are seeing signs of that life. The crows…Read more »

Honoring the past

Hello all: I just need to share. I published Destiny Foretold this year. It is part of the Destiny Series I am working on. The original, Destiny Unbound, I published over 10 years ago. Destiny Unbound was the beginning of the idea, and the world, but with Destiny Foretold I really created the world. Forms…Read more »

Happy Equinox

This is the Day the Lord has made! And the Night the Lady has made! All things being equal, you know? Equal day and equal night means that there is the same amount of time in a day as there is in a night, based on when the sun goes down. But if you’re like…Read more »

…world creation

I’ve felt this delighted before. The “Eureka!” moment. The feeling that I finally have something. ¬†And after 20 years of readers and advisors saying “You’re on the right path, you’re doing what you’re meant to do” – I finally believe it. I feel everything coalescing. I can feel where this experience weaves into that knowledge,…Read more »

A Different Sea

Water has always fascinated me. Because of the mystery, the power, the worlds hidden in a drop. I am always drawn to sit and stare at the waves. When I was in Wales, my visit to the ocean was pure magic. So, when I had an opportunity to go to Surfside and view the ocean…Read more »

…Introducing Water

Water and I have always had an – interesting –  relationship. I really enjoy floating in water, being supported by it. I like to splash and play; I like to sink to the bottom and do handstands. If it’s water I know. But every body of water, from swimming pool to endless ocean, has a…Read more »