Yes, I have amazing bookkeeping skills. I love numbers. I love the logic puzzle of forms and reconciliations. I love the way technology makes much of the work easier, though I do miss wielding my 10-key on a daily basis. I am certified in QuickBooks Online, and I have been using Excel since it first came out.

I have been a bookkeeping since 1990, but my business as a contract bookkeeper started with a metaphysical store in Littleton, CO about 10 years ago. As I was also the Assistant Manager, I was able to really see how inventory, sales, services, and expenses all played together. Since then, I have kept the books for numerous small businesses including a lawyer, a day spa, a psychologist, and a consultant.

Unique small businesses are my specialty – because as a creative myself, I know that sometimes it just doesn’t seem right that money has anything to do with it! But money is energy, and it turns out I’m pretty good at being an energy librarian.

If you’re like me, you’re unique, creative, and you delight in the possibilities. You want to do all the things, but there’s only one you. If one of the things you’d like to delegate is your ‘Rithmatic chores, then I might be able to help. (Resume link)

Regular Bookkeeping

Whether your needs are daily or monthly, I can keep your books organized and up to date on the schedule you desire. Reports, invoices, reconciliations? I can do those.


If you just need someone to show you the ropes for basic accounting, maybe do some trouble shooting on your Quickbooks, or help with a big data entry project, you can contact me. I type 60 words a minute, and I’m pretty good at staying calm when technology is playing silly buggers.


Do you want your Excel sheets to have some extra zing? Or even just different fonts and lines to make it easier to read? Need a new look for your report? We can do that too. I have been making spreadsheets pretty since before Microsoft was a name – though these days, Microsoft Office is something I delve into daily.