Hello all: I just need to share.

I published Destiny Foretold this year. It is part of the Destiny Series I am working on. The original, Destiny Unbound, I published over 10 years ago. Destiny Unbound was the beginning of the idea, and the world, but with Destiny Foretold I really created the world. Forms of address, titles, time units, etc.

So, for the last couple of months I’ve been working on rewriting Destiny Unbound so it would mesh with Destiny Foretold, and really be a part of the series, since I’m using both sets of characters in the third book.

This week, as I finished my 15 minutes and didn’t feel good about the work I’d done, didn’t feel like I’d accomplished anything, I realized, I don’t want to change Destiny Unbound. Trying to rewrite it with the brush of today’s worldview feels like I’m dishonoring all the work I did back then, and the reason I wrote the book. So I’m going to do the most difficult thing I’ve every done with my writing – and leave it alone.

I’m going to let the first book stand and just keep writing forward. (Like a good life metaphor.) After all, that book was a big part of me, back then. And I can’t rewrite my life just to make it fit neatly into today’s awesomeness. And every book I’ve written has helped me through some aspect of my life.

So. Destiny Unbound remains unbound. And we will move onto Destiny Revealed.

May we honor all we have done before, no matter how we think of it now. We did our best. Yay us!

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