…Introducing Water

Water and I have always had an – interesting –  relationship.

I really enjoy floating in water, being supported by it. I like to splash and play; I like to sink to the bottom and do handstands.

If it’s water I know.

But every body of water, from swimming pool to endless ocean, has a mystery about it that requires careful introduction. The wildness of the waves. The movement, the life, the world underneath that I will never understand. It is absolutely foreign because it is a place I can visit, but never stay in. And I don’t know where has it been, where is it going, with what energies has it interacted. 

Meeting new water is a lot like meeting a new person. We’re never really sure what emotions are lurking underneath. We don’t know, at first glance, what past adventures and experiences are influencing her, his, their current actions.

And don’t we all carefully put our best foot forward, testing the water (ha ha) before committing to who we’re going to be with others? Don’t we all have worlds cavorting under the surface that we’re not ready to share with those we just met?

Sitting beside a body of water, staring at waves or ripples or the dancing sun – that I could do all day (with the right amount of sun screen and an adequate supply of bottled water.) But before I dip a toe into any water, literal or metaphorical, I need to get a feel for the energy. For what is living under the surface. For the influences, the elements, the truths that run through it.

When you meet someone new – do you dive right in? Or “wade” to learn more about them? I’d love to hear your perspective!

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